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Friday, March 07, 2008

David Archuleta naked photos?

Are there David Archuleta nude or naked photos somewhere? David Archuleta fanatics are searching for these photos online. The teens are all over this American Idol guy, whose personality and charm deserve to be the next Idol winner.

After all the controversial photos coming out from nowhere: David Hernandez stripping photos, Ramiele Manubay groping lesbian photos, Amanada Overmeyer nude photos, what is there next to expect? Expect other controversial photos to appear in American Idol. You bet. There will be David Archuleta in controversial photos, or maybe David Archuleta gay photos. Who knows? People who do not like this charming fellow could easily photoshop something and make it appear to be David.

What about the possibility of Kristy Lee Cook in nude? Or Maybe David Cook shirtless. It happened before in the past American Idol season. Remember the shirtless Blake Lewis, which was clearly photoshopped?

These issues are what fans like. They want more buzz for their idols. They want their idols to be talked about by the media. But can we just spare David Archuleta this time? [this blog supports David A. The next American Idol is David A.]

Well, I am waiting for some shocking news to come out. It will be sooner than later.

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He's 18 now, ask away!

omg he is so freakin hottttttttttttttt

David is a sweet guy, he dosen't have any naked photos. Really i went with him in a private dinner and he told me that he dosen't have any naked photos. for more info go to

He should pose in Playgirl or some gay magazines. He cock needs to be shown to the world.

I fucking agree with you, god, get this boys cock in some gay magazines, stat. damn!

Well, well, well, David Archie is going strong without messy controversies for last 2 years, still remaining as a clean cut, lovable, respectful guy whereas so many celebrities try to create own controversies to keep their name on spotlight. Kudos, David! Just make your own music be known, nothing else, just music.

What a VOICE! (And he is still the same humble, classy, talented guy he was 2 years ago)
P.S. He's certainly lookin' good too!

I would love to just fuck him just fuck him if i could i would suck his cock all night long ide be happy if i could have some ketchup for his french fry

Does anyone know if he is cut or un-cut? (circumcised or un-circumcised). Just curious. He's part hispanic, but also seems to be Mormon. A large percentage of the hispanic population is un-cut, but not sure of what percentage of Mormons are cut. Anyone have any insight here?

Nah, I wanna see Adam Lambert nude!!! However, be assured that the Glamberts have searched high and low already - none found! Dang it!!! Archeleta's a sweet boy, great singer/musician. Best wishes to him, with or without clothes. Bet you don't find a thing nude about him!!!

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