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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lee Dewyze - Shirtless Pictures - American Idol 9 Top 24

Lee Dewyze made it to the American Idol 9 Top 24. You can see the complete list of finalists here and here, complete with videos. Idol fanatics are now looking for Lee Dewyze shirtless pictures or photos. Just like what happened to previous Idols from previous seasons, fans want to unbutton those shirts and see some flesh from their contestants.

Lee Dewyze have quite a number of pictures online. There is one shirtless picture that has been labeled with his name, but I doubt if it was him. The image was just too blurred. Look:

More will appear soon once Idol starts airing live.

Here are few pictures of Lee Dewyze:

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You doubt it is him??!?!? Hello!

Shirtless pic looks like David Charvet. Maybe from the tv movie where he had an affair with Susan Lucci's character?

hmm no i dont think it is him. no tattoos and facially it doesnt quite look right.

I think it is a still from his video for predicament from one of his pre_Idol albums "so I'm told". It was released around 2007 so he would have been like 20 - 21. Look up predicament on you tube and you can see the vid. Of follow me of course and I'll put a link up tomorrow :)

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