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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christina Isabelle Pasqualone – American Idol 12 Contestant (VIDEO)

Christina Isabelle Pasqualone, aka Christina Pasqualone, has been rumored to have made it to the American Idol 12 Hollywood week. She can sing opera!

See a list of American Idol 12 contestant spoilers.

Here are some videos online:

She performs along side David Foster at 14 years old in the 2005 Pure Fashion Show in Atlanta,GA.

Isabelle performs "Taking Chances" at the Red Clay Theatre in Atlanta, GA for a Benefit Concert in 2009.

Make You Feel My Love

Update: Audition video

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Pity she didnt make it to the Top 20 this time. If there are wildcard options and I hope she gets selected or I really hope she doesnt give up and try again American Idol 2014 or maybe The Voice.

Best wishes from
Singaporean fan

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