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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dylan Arms – American Idol 12 Contestant (VIDEO)

Dylan Arms has been rumored to have made it to the American Idol 12 Hollywood week. He is a member of the SpringWell Church.

See a list of American Idol 12 contestant spoilers.

Here are some videos online. Note: We corrected the videos posted earlier. Thanks to the one who commented below.

Give Me Faith

My Soul

Awake My Soul

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You might have the wrong Dylan Arms...Idol Pad and Ricky's think its this wgwg... if they are right we might already have a lock to win. If you are right there is hope for everyone else.

I think you guys have it wrong...this kid is not good enough to make Hollywood week, the Dylan Arms on Idolpad and Ricky's has to be the favorite to win...

The guy in the video's, give me faith, my soul, awake my soul and happy day is Dylan Arms. He also wrote the song, my soul.

I found a website for him at appears he has written a lot of songs. Very talented young man. I hope he got the chance to show them what all he can do.

Yeah this is dylan arms. He's an old friend of mine. Sick singer/songwriter/guitarist. Awesome that he's going this far

He is a favorite on Rickys... I was just on that site! Go DYLAN!!! Don't forget the little people who sing with you! - Kristi :)

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