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Thursday, January 24, 2013

American Idol 12 Live Blog Audition (1/24/13)

Join our American Idol live blog for Thursday night's audition episode (1/24/13)! Who will standout in tonight's show?

Refresh your browser for updates and for links to videos. Show starts at 8/7c on Fox.

American Idol starts now.

Louisiana auditions.

Megan Miller sings "Somethings Gonna Hold On Me." YES. [VIDEO]


Charlie Askew sings "Breakthrough". YES. [Spoiler VIDEO]

Maddie Assel sings "Oh Darling". YES. [VIDEO]


Paul Jolley sings "I Won't Let Go". YES. [VIDEO]


Christoper sings "If I Had You." NO.

Calvin Peters sings "Whenver, Whatever, Wherever".  He is a medical doctor.  YES. [VIDEO]

Michelle Montezeri, Breanna Steer, Brandy Hotard. YES. [VIDEO]

Firefighter Dustin Watts sings.  YES. [VIDEO]


Burnell Taylor sings "I'm Here." YES. [VIDEO]

That's it for tonight.  Videos will be posted shortly.

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