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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Group: Trevor Blakney, Lee Pritchard, JDA, Joel Wayman - American Idol Hollywood Round 1 (2/6/13)

Trevor Blakney, Lee Pritchard, JDA, and Joel Wayman performed on the American Idol Hollywood round episode, Wednesday, February 6th.

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See the full live blog for tonight's episode.

Watch the performance:

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I can not even see how they could let Trevor Blakney go. They should have seen he was having a hard time with the group and not as some one who can sing. Sorry to c him go

Lee should have stayed bet if he was on his own he would have!

It's amazing to me to see who the kept before these two were let go. It doesn't seem to be a show about talent at all but a show based on who is going to be dramatic to try to boost American Idols plummeting ratings.

What the heck just happened here!???!!!

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