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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

American Idol 12 Top 10 + Wildcard Live Blog (3/13/13)

Join us as we live blog tonight's American Idol 12 top 10 plus wildcard episode (3/13/13).

Show starts at 8/7c. Refresh your browser for updates on videos and more.

American Idol starts now.

Nicki Minaj is not in the panel.  She is late!

Curtis Finch, Jr is first.  He sings  "I Believe" by Fantasia. [VIDEO]

Keith says "you pick the right song." Randy says "i want you to try a little different.  Show me more of you." Mariah says "you have the choir feeling.  I want to know more of the gospel.."

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Janelle Arthur sings "Gone" performed by Scotty McCreery. [VIDEO]

Keith says "i like that you did that song. that was great." Nicki says "you look nice. i want songs that show your pretty voice." Randy says "the song did not lead anywhere." Mariah says "you have the raw quality. I want to hear a mid tempo from you."

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Devin Velez sings "Temporary Home" performed by Carrie Underwood. [VIDEO]

Keith says "not one of your better performances. wrong song choice."  Nicki says "i disagree with Keith.  I love the song with your voice." Randy says "way too safe." Mariah says "we expect so much from you."

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Angela Miller sings "I Surrender" performed by Kelly Clarkson [VIDEO]

Keith says "you can take a song from any era. your high range is pleasing to the ear."  Nicki says "you are perfection in every level. the voice, no flaw." Randy says "the competition starts now! you're in it to win it." Mariah says one word "stellar!"

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Paul Jolley sings "Amazed" (also performed by Scotty McCreery) [VIDEO]

Keith says "i felt that was one of your better performances." Nicki says "this is the first time you stimulated my sexual appetite."  Randy says "great song choice."  Mariah says "just go from here."

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Candice Glover sings "I Who Have Nothing" performed by Jordin Sparks. WOW!!! Standing ovation! [VIDEO]

Keith says "i love you so much. you have the command when you perform." Nicki  says "that was my fav performance you've done. Refreshing." Randy says "you work that song out! One of the greatest performances on idol." Mariah says "it's mesmerizing. it's in my heart after you perform."

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Larazo Arbos sings "Breakaway" performed by Kelly Clarkson [VIDEO]

Keith says "I could feel when you sing the song."  Nicki says "my least favorite from you." Randy says "the pitch was all over the place." Mariah says "you push through every time. i was not really mad at this song choice."

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Kree Harrison sings "Cry" performed by Carrie Underwood [VIDEO]

Keith says "you can sing the phonebook." Nicki sings "smooth and delicious." Randy says "i love your voice. it makes me feel good. amazing vocal."  Mariah says "enormous range. you can't help but emote when you sing."

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Burnell Taylor sings "Flying Without Wings" performed by Ruben Studdard [VIDEO]

Keith says "there is a timber in your voice that is unique. that was great." Nicki says "you always put your own twist on it. good job." Randy says "very nice. you try to raise it up for the dudes" Mariah says "makes me emotional when you sing."

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Amber Holcomb sings "A Moment Like This" performed by Kelly Clarkson. Standing ovation!  [VIDEO]

Keith says "that was beautiful. how effortless you sing." Nicki says "best of the night." Randy says "i love you. you blew it out of the box." Mariah says "you sounded beautiful. you are giving us everything."

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Recap of the voting numbers.  So there is no wildcard?!  Ryan just said that there will be a sing-off tomorrow.

Join me tomorrow for the results show.

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