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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 60 America's Got Talent Live Blog Results 4 (VIDEO)

Join us as we live blog tonight's results of the fourth live show performances on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, August 14, 2013.

Results: Tummy Talk, SensEtion, David Ferman, The Robotix are first on the stage.

None of them are moving forward.


The Backstreet Boys perform “In a World Like This." [VIDEO]


Results:  3Penny Chorus and Orchestra, Cami Bradley are next.

Cami Bradley moves on to the semis.  3Penny Chorus and Orchestra is eliminated.

See: Cami Bradley's performance last night.

More results: Jimmy Rose, Champions Forever, Aerial Ice are next.

Jimmy Rose is going to the semi-finals.  Champions Forever and Aerial Ice are both eliminated.

See: Jimmy Rose's performance last night.


Results: Timber Brown, Chloe Channell, Taylor Williamson are next.

Timber Brown moves on the semis.

See: Timber Brown's performance last night.

Only one spot left.  The judges will select who between Chloe Channell and Taylor Williamson will move on.


Mel B saves  Chloe Channell
Howie saves Taylor Williamson
Heidi saves Chloe Channell
Howard saves Taylor Williamson


America votes for Taylor Williamson to move on to the semis.

See: Taylor Williamson's performance last night.

That's it for tonight.  One last round of 12 acts next week!

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