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Monday, October 07, 2013

The Voice 5 Live Blog Auditions (October 7, 2013)

Join us as we live blog tonight's episode of The Voice season 5 (October 7, 2013, Monday). The blind audition has Blake, Xtina, CeeLo and Adam in a fierce battle for the best singers. Show starts at 8/7c. Refresh this page for updates.

The Voice blind auditions start now.

Matt Cermanski sings "Have A Little Faith In Me".  This is his second time on The Voice.  He picks Adam over Cee Lo and Blake.  [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]


Rock artist Diego Roman Navaira rocks the stage.  His dad is a Grammy-award winner.  No one turns.


Tamara Chauniece sings "1+1".  She picks Cee Lo over Christina.  [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]


Brandon Chase sings "Wanted".  He graduated college at age 17! He picks Blake over Cee Lo.  [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]


Lupe Carroll sings "If I Were A Carpenter". Team Cee Lo.  [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]


Grey sings "Catch My Breath".   She picks Adam as coach.  [Audition VIDEO]


Adam's team is now full.

Dominic Scott Kay sings "Easy".   He was a child actor.  No one turns.


Michael Lynch auditioned with the song "Bailamos".  He picks Christina over Blake and Cee Lo. [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]


Christina's team is full.

Deanna Johnson sings "Stars".  No one turns.


Brian Pounds sings "Wagon Wheel".  He picks Blake over Cee Lo.   [Spoiler VIDEO] [Audition VIDEO]

Blake's team is full.


Mark Wulf.  No.
Danielle Walsh. No.
Ty Wyffels. No.


Shawn Smith sings "Chicken Fried".  Team Cee Lo. [Audition VIDEO]

That's it for tonight.  All teams are complete.  Join me again next time.

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