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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Voice of Poland Top 16 Performances and Results (VIDEO)

Here are the videos from The Voice of Poland top 16 episode this week (November 9, 2013 show), plus the results of the elimination.

Michał Grobelny sang "Iris"

Natalia Krakowiak sang "Halo"

Michał Malicki sang "Kiss from a Rose"

Arkadiusz Kłusowski sang "Angie"

Katarzyna Stanek sang "Granda"

Joanna Smajdor sang "Blame It on the Boogie"

Mateusz Ziółko sang "Jednego serca"

Oksana Predko sang "Jungle Drum"

Ernest Staniaszek sang "Do kołyski"

Nella Marczewski sang "Pomaluj moje sny"

Marzena Ugorna sang "Wymyśliłem Ciebie"

Magdalena Meisel sang "Cykady na Cykladach"

Olga Jankowska sang "Candyman"

Maia Lasota sang "A to co mam..."

Jagoda Kret sang "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

Maria Rodriguez sang "Fever"


Team Tomson & Baron
Michał Grobelny -- Safe
Natalia Krakowiak -- Safe
Michał Malicki -- Eliminated
Arkadiusz Kłusowski -- Safe

Team Maria Sadowska
Katarzyna Stanek -- Safe
Joanna Smajdor -- Safe
Mateusz Ziółko -- Safe
Oksana Predko -- Eliminated

Team Marek Piekarczyk
Ernest Staniaszek -- Safe
Nella Marczewski -- Safe
Marzena Ugorna -- Safe
Magdalena Meisel -- Eliminated

Team Edyta Górniak
Olga Jankowska -- Safe
Maia Lasota -- Safe
Jagoda Kret -- Safe
Maria Rodriguez -- Eliminated

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